Meet the thinkstep sustainability experts

Meet the thinkstep sustainability consulting experts

Meet the sustainability consulting experts at thinkstep

thinkstep Sustainability Consulting Experts

Dr. Annette Koehler
Water Footprint

Dr. Bastian Wittstock    
Green Building
Construction & Chemicals    
Sustainable Cities

Dr. Christoph Koffler    
LCA Methods and QA

Dr. Constantin Herrmann    
EuP Directive & Ecodesign
Green IT and Electronics
Product Environmental Footprint
Electronics, Metals & Mining

Jane Anderson    
Building & Construction

Jennifer Clipsham    
Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Management
Corporate Social Responsibility

Dr. Johannes Gediga    
Mining, Metals & Manufaturing


Johannes Kreißig    
Building & Construction

Dr. Julie Sinistore    
Alternative Energy

Jürgen Stichling    
Mobility & Automotive

Laura Flanigan    
Consumer Goods    

Dr. Lutz Scheidt    
Material Management Substance Compliance
Substance Compliance   


Dr. Martin Baitz    
Data Innovation
Chemicals & Petroleum  

Matthias Münzing    
Financial Services & Real Estate



Dr. Michael Faltenbacher    
Transport & Logistics


Dr. Oliver Schuller    
Energy & Utilities, Oil & Gas


Dr. Sabine Deimling
Renewable Resources

Dr. Thilo Kupfer    
Life Cycle Data


Diana Eggers    
Chemical Industry

Ekaterina Druzhinina    
LCA and GaBi Software Trainings

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Country Lead Contacts

Dr. Annette Koehler    
Managing Director, Switzerland

Dr. Barbara Nebel    
Managing Director Australia, New Zealand

Emanuela Scimia    
Managing Director, Italy

Jan Poulsen    
Managing Director, Nordics

Jennifer Clipsham    
Senior Consultant, Canada

Dr. John Heckman    
Principial Consultant, USA

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh    
Managing Director India

Dr. Sandy Smith    
Manging Director, UK

Haixiao Zhang (M.ENG)    
General Manager, China

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