European Commission Selects thinkstep’s GaBi Transport and Energy Data as Foundation for Environmental Footprinting

Date: 08/11/2016

The European Commission has selected thinkstep to provide more than 1,200 high quality GaBi energy and transport Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) datasets for mandatory use by companies implementing Environmental Footprint studies. This GaBi-supplied data will now provide a solid and reliable data foundation for official product or organisational environment footprint calculations. Any company with products that fit into the 24 established product category rules (like meat, batteries, beer, t-shirts and so on) and two organizational sector rules that want to perform Environmental Footprint studies will have free access to the data until the end of 2020.

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These environmental footprint energy and transport datasets from thinkstep cover all European countries, and a range of countries and regions globally, including some countries for which no LCI datasets were available anywhere, so far. They are provided in the ILCD data format for easy and consistent data exchange and interoperability with different software systems, and with an external panel review for independent quality assurance. All 15 environmental footprinting impact methods are covered. The energy and transport datasets are available for download via thinkstep’s ILCDN data node website.

GaBi supplied transport and energy data are the basis for additional datasets

In addition to the transport and energy data, the European Commission is currently tendering datasets for a wide range of products and processes, including e.g. agricultural products, end-of-life treatment, metals and minerals, and textile processes, as needed for the various product categories and organization types. These additional datasets will be developed by various data providers and all be built on the GaBi-supplied  transport and energy background data for highest quality and consistency.

What this means for our GaBi customers

GaBi data and GaBi-supplied environmental footprint data are mostly based on the same modelling principles. This means GaBi users can expect life cycle inventories for environmental footprinting to be very similar to GaBi’s. GaBi data users  have the additional advantage of having their data upgraded annually, while the environmental footprint data will remain unchanged until the end of 2020. That means that with GaBi data you can rely on always up-to-date results for accurate, forward-looking decision support, even beyond environmental footprint compliance.

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