Tally® Environmental Impact Tool Wins Architecture Magazine 2016 R&D Award

Date: 29/07/2016

To help architects gauge the environmental impact of their projects, Architecture firm KieranTimberlake created an Autodesk® Revit® plug-in powered by thinkstep’s GaBi data that can inform decision-making when it matters most—during design.

Tally provides three types of analysis: whole building LCA, design-option comparison, and material selection. It draws upon an LCA database custom-developed by KieranTimberlake in partnership with thinkstep (formerly PE International), that combines environmental impact data with material attributes, assembly details, and specification information.

 It translates building-model elements into discrete materials and quantities, and generates an inventory or “bill of materials,” which updates automatically as the design model changes. And it outputs comprehensible charts and graphics, not just spreadsheets full of numbers.

“It’s holistic in thinking,” said juror Doug Stockman, AIA. Juror Elizabeth Whittaker, AIA, remarked, “You can imagine this being absolutely necessary for any kind of building design. Finally: a method of life-cycle assessment that is user-friendly.”

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