thinkstep’s Dr. Baitz included in jury for annual INOVYN Awards

Date: 28/10/2016

thinkstep’s Director of Content, Dr. Martin Baitz, was appointed to the jury of this year’s INOVYN Awards 2016. INOVYN is Europe’s largest manufacturer of PVC plastic (Vinyl) and the INOVYN Awards are an important and recognized award in the vinyl industry, awarded for three categories: Innovation, Sustainability and Industrial Design.



This year’s prize winner in the sustainability category is RecoMed, a PVC take-back scheme in the UK that recycles plastic used in healthcare. Granulated plastic from the recycled materials is used in making 100% recycled products for the horticultural industry, such as tree ties. Special prizes in Sustainability went to a project that has developed energy-producing reservoir covers to prevent water evaporation while simultaneously producing solar energy; and a project that reuses PVC in urban agriculture for the hydroponic growth of fruits and vegetables. Dr. Martin Baitz said, “Congratulations to the winners. I am excited that sustainability is an important aspect in the vinyl industry, and to see that understanding a product’s life cycle and where the impacts occur can lead to exciting new products and business models.”
More information about the winning projects is available here.