Circular Economy - A Practical Guide to Driving Business Value


The concept of Circular Economy has risen to the top of the agenda in many public debates, political discussions and corporate strategic considerations.

It is commonly agreed that it may hold the key to a more sustainable future. In spring 2016, the EU ratified an action plan known as the Circular Economy Package — taking a first regulatory step towards 'closing the loop'.  

This session explores how and where circular economy can create value for businesses. Gain greater insight into practical solutions on how to leverage life cycle thinking, implement a Circularity approach, and communicate your success in a credible, quantitative manner.

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What You Will Learn:

  • Understand current trends in the Circular Economy movement.
  • See how to accelerate transition to more circular models and gain clarity on next steps.
  • Learn how circularity can bring value to your business.
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