Webinar replay - Commercial Real Estate Sustainability


How a software platform resolves sustainability challenges

International property markets are investor driven. Investors demand transparency and information. To stay competitive in today’s global market, leading companies know it takes a professional approach to transparency. And yet many struggle with its introduction.

What you'll learn:

  • How to easily provide data for investors
  • How to save time with data collection and automation
  • Tips for reducing costly errors when introducing a sustainability platform for a commercial property portfolio
  • Real life examples from UBS and pom+ of putting sustainability strategy into operation
  • How asset level information fits into a broader sustainability data strategy and adds business value
  • How data gathered once on the platform can serve multiple purposes and multiple stakeholders within the organization.

This web session shows you how a software platform can help you dealing with the increasing demands for sustainability management of commercial property portfolios. It gives real life examples from the experienced consultants from pom+ as well as a company example from UBS.

Who should watch?

Real Estate professionals, Sustainability Experts, Portfolio and Asset Managers working for property portfolio companies and concerned with the energy and sustainability performance of their buildings. Also individuals who are facing reporting challenges such as GRESB or benchmarking needs.


Michael Hammer, UBS AG Global Real Estate – Switzerland, Projects & Operations

Miriam Kittinger, Senior Consultant at pom+ Consulting AG

Matthias Münzing, Director Public Sector & Services at thinkstep

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