Webinar replay - EDGE: A faster more affordable way to design, build and brand more resource efficient buildings


Do you know that there’s a fast, easy and affordable way to build and brand green in 125 emerging markets? Watch our webinar and discover why companies are choosing EDGE, a green building certification system offered by IFC, a member of the World Bank Group.

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Webinar description and Agenda:

Find out how EDGE can help drive demand for green buildings with its innovative web platform that helps calculate the costs of going green.

The objective of EDGE is to bring a measurable approach that resonates with decision-makers and pushes green buildings to become more mainstream. EDGE-certified buildings are already saving more than 25,500MWh per year, but this is just the beginning…

The free EDGE software predicts the resource savings achieved in energy, water and materials and calculates the costs to build green as well as the resulting operational savings that can be achieved. EDGE shows that environmental responsibility correlates with smart business.


Rebecca Menes, Associate Operations Officer for EDGE, Climate Business Dept, IFC

Thomas Saunders, Principal Consultant at thinkstep

Didier Nootens, Global Product Manager Environmental Consulting at SGS






For more information on EDGE please click here.

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