Webinar replay - Improve risk management & carbon performance


Climate performance leaders know that pro-active risk management goes hand-in-hand with strong sustainability performance.

Watch the video: Improve risk management & carbon performance

Understanding and managing risks related to climate change and resource shortages helps strengthen your reputation and save you money. Firms that are looking to build sustainability leadership positions need to know how risk factors are evaluated by external analysts and investors.

In this video Britta Margraf, Business Lead Supply Chain at risk data provider RepRisk and Jennifer Clipsham, Principal Consultant at thinkstep cover these key points:

  • Reputational risk analysis: hear how RepRisk captures the stakeholder perspective on ESG risks, providing a valuable “outsider perspective” when evaluating a company
  • Pro-active risk management: learn how to manage risk with an integrated framework
  • Identify hot-spots: use data analytics to identify risks and manage improvements
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