Material Data Management: Your Key to Product Innovation


Topics include best practices in materials driven product design, key innovation strategies, and customer success stories around Teamcenter integrated material management.

material data management

Materials Data Management and PLM: Your Key to Product Innovation

Siemens PLM and their partner thinkstep together with Teamcenter customers BSH and Siemens Healthineers highlight the benefits of integrating material data management and PLM. This webinar will focus on best practices in materials driven product design and highlight key innovation strategies around integrated material management.


As the design and performance of products across industries become more and more complex, companies must enter a new frontier of product innovation to stay competitive. Materials driven product design and engineering is now key in your path to product success.

Material information and how it's managed can have a profound effect on your product's lifecycle. This presentation will cover the importance of managing the lifecycle of materials holistically, and discuss the benefits achieved by embedding materials data, processes and assignments into the product lifecycle process using a PLM foundation.

Attendees in this session will learn about the importance of materials management; discover the benefits of validating material use throughout the product lifecycle; and understand best practices for designing innovative products with materials in mind. In addition, customer testimonies will validate the benefits of using Teamcenter for materials data management in PLM.


Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the importance of reliable synchronization between products and associated materials
  • Learn the fundamentals of enterprise-wide use of approved material information for mission-critical product functions such as design, engineering, simulation, purchasing, compliance and manufacturing.
  • Discover how customers are using Teamcenter integrated material management to create innovative, successful products


Tedie West, Product Manager, Siemens PLM 

Lucas Dann, Product Manager, thinkstep 





Christine Krämer, BSH Hausgeräte GmbH, Head of CIT-PLDL, BSH 

Thomas Ohrndorf, Components and Vacuum Technology, Professional Solutions, Siemens Healthineers 






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