Webinar replay: Webinar 1 in our series: Meeting the Demand for Product Transparency and LEED v4


Producing Cost-Effective EPDs for Industry Associations

Early this fall, the Green Building industry will gather at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Los Angeles. Just days before that, LEED v4 will take effect as the only accepted LEED rating system. 

While not all green building projects pursue LEED certification, the rating system definitely influences the industry as a whole. A movement has long begun to demand more transparency for building materials, whether the project will be LEED certified or just built to be more sustainable. Being able to provide transparent product documentation is now a reality, and scaling it is the work at hand. 

Leading up to Greenbuild, thinkstep will offer a series of 3 short, 30-minute Webinars, each with content specific to core audiences in Green Building, with practical steps for each audience to either produce product transparency documentation or specify products for LEED v4 and greener construction.

Come to one or attend all three. (Register for each individually)

Webinar 1: for Industry Associations

How can your Association provide value to your members with an industry-wide EPD and a tool that allows member companies to create their own EPDs at little additional cost? See examples of this at work from several industry associations and hear how producing an industry-average EPD helped their product category gain profile and preference as a result and helped pave the way for their members to do product-specific EPDs.

August 2, 2016

Recorded at 11:00 am Pacific / 2pm Eastern

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