Webinar replay - What's new in GaBi Database 2016 Edition


GaBi Database ’16 has been launched in January 2016! To ensure you have the most up to date information and are getting the most out of GaBi ts, watch the webinar.

The new database 2016 will feature a completely reworked database plus an addition of approx. 1100 datasets.

Webinar presenters

  • Dr. Marc-Andree Wolf, Product Manager Content, Data and Software Innovation
  • Dr. Thilo Kupfer, Team leader Content, PEF Specialist

GaBi Database ’16 Webinar covered:

•Future energy grid mixes.
•Additional waste water treatment, hazardous waste treatment and municipal waste disposal mixes.
•2nd part of the ESUCO database.
•Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).
•North American data for a large variety of wood products, and specific waste water treatment and waste incineration.
•Datasets for modelling investment goods/infrastructure.
•Association datasets from Alipa, Ebam, Europur, Fertilisers Europe, Plastics Europe, Textile Exchange, Corrim and Erasm.


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