Sustainability consulting and software for Automotive & Mobility

Automotive & Mobility

Use less, move more: It’s the paradox of modern mobility. Meet ever-tightening targets with the insights and software tools only thinkstep offers.

Automotive & Mobility

Move closer to sustainability with the deepest data.

Automotive, aerospace, rail, or nautics - today’s mobility-based industries everywhere struggle with increasing pressure to do more with less. Fuel efficiency and emissions regulations create challenges that affect the larger economy worldwide as well as individual businesses.

We offer the most comprehensive data for gaining insight to the entire mobility value chain, from lightweight material production to recycling. Our experienced consultants and next-generation Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) software can help you evaluate design concepts, model scenarios, and adapt proven LCA strategies created for passenger vehicles to commercial and mass transit vehicles. Let us help you identify the most significant sustainability risks and opportunities.

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Over the years the thinkstep GaBi Software has become a core tool for product- and process-related environmental activities at Volkswagen. Linked to the company’s IT systems, GaBi provides the VW experts with detailed data for strategic decisions.

Dr. Stephan Krinke, Head of Product and Environment

Automotive and Mobility sectors


We combine 20 years of deep data and next-generation software to help you design sustainability into every vehicle. 

Transport and Logistics

Innovative fuel and process alternatives are urgently needed in this energy-intensive sector. Our unrivalled data and technology help you create a more sustainable balance.

Your benefits

Fuel efficiency and emission limits

Trust in the expertise of our consultants and our forward-looking software solutions that will support you in areas like fleet emissions, alternative fuel and innovative mobility concepts.

Material compliance and recycling

Analyse the impact of different substances and recycling options to optimize the use of resources by using lightweight construction material or light-weight structure for example.

Transparency in the supply chain

Identify the environmental impact of an automobile fast and effectively – based on solid data and with automated solutions.


Use our ecobalance software GaBi to shape your product design and your business processes sustainably right from the start.