Sustainable Healthcare

Sustainable Healthcare

Gesundheit wird meist auch mit Nachhaltigkeit in Verbindung gebracht - wir versetzen Sie in die Lage Risiken zu managen und Nachhaltigkeit zum Vorteil Ihres Unternehmens in der Praxis umzusetzen.

Sustainability is an urgent issue in healthcare:  to optimize positive health benefits but to also “do no harm” to the environment in the process.  

We understand the changing drivers from governments, insurance providers, consumers, and NGOs and their impact on healthcare product manufacturers and can help you understand what is material to your business and how to balance complex competing priorities to drive tangible business value for your organization

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We help you succeed with:

Carbon Management

Let us assist you develop the strategies, measurable targets, and initiatives that will bring your carbon emissions under control. Automate reports, realize savings, and enhance your brand.

Sustainability Strategy

Develop the strongest sustainability vision, strategy, and projects with our consultants and software solutions. Let us take you from benchmarking and audits to implementation and optimization. 

Energy Management

Know the in-depth ROI of your energy use to reduce emissions and costs. Let us enable you optimise and monitor performance against specific targets.

Environmental Management

Slice through the complexity of compliance with regulatory standards and your own environmental programme using our deep data, expert consulting services, and proven best practices.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Greatly improve supplier relationships and performance. Gain deep understanding of your supply chain risks and opportunities. Let us help you achieve sustainability goals and cost savings.

Ecodesign and Innovation

We give you the critical tools that enable you  develop and implement a strategy for ecodesign that delivers innovative products with reduced impact on the key metrics of relevance to hospitals and other health care product buyers.

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