Sustainable Solution Steering®

What is the potential of your products to accelerate sales and capture market share?

Sustainable Solution Steering ®

Optimise the sustainability performance of your product portfolio

Sustainable Solution Steering ® is a comprehensive sustainability evaluation and decision-making process for entire businesses, developed by BASF.

This process helps you identify solutions and products that make a significant contribution in terms of sustainability within their sector, region and application. It provides a solid foundation to manage and develop your product portfolio and actively addresses changing regulations, customer requirements and societal expectations.

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What Sustainable Solution Steering ® will do for you

Get transparency

Start with a thorough analysis of the industry and region-specific sustainability needs and assess market demands as well as future trends and their relevance.

Check your products

Evaluate your products based on your own company-specific and the value-chain-specific economic, environmental and social criteria. Does your product meet the current and future requirements of the industry? Learn about the sustainability strengths and gaps of your portfolio.

The way forward

Develop criteria to identify new market opportunities, accelerate innovation and  reduce potential market and compliance risks associated with the less sustainable products in your portfolio.

Continuous improvement

Get insights, feedback, perspectives and a common understanding of sustainability potential and challenges within your product portfolio and along the entire value chain.

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