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We have worked with some of the leading technology companies in the world. In fact, thinkstep has completed hundreds of projects with ICT companies, including  ecodesign assessments and programs for mobile phones, printers, computers, servers, semiconductors, car electric and electronic systems, e-motors, transformers, and many more products. With 20 years of global sustainability experience, we are deeply engaged in addressing the growing disclosure expectations on product carbon footprints, materials of concern, and labor practices in the supply chain, plus regulations on hazardous materials, toxicity, and end of life management. We don’t merely identify what you need to eliminate; we strategise with you to increase revenue, strengthen supply partnerships, and enhance your brand profile.

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Carbon Footprint of electronic products

Calculating the carbon footprint of electronic products with life cycle assessment.

Some of our Electronics clients

We help you succeed with:

Ecodesign and Innovation

We give you the critical tools that help you develop and implement a strategy for ecodesign that enables innovative products with reduced impact. We help you create a portfolio of innovative products at pace with your business that also have a lower environmental impact. See how our deep data, experience, and strategic expertise help companies understand and prepare for regulations like Ecodesign Directive (2009/125/EC) for Energy using Products (EuP) and Energy related Products (ErP) as well.

Product Environmental Footprint (PEF)

We can help with the development of PEF, a harmonised EU methodology for the calculation of the environmental footprint of products (including carbon) given that over 2,500 companies worldwide trust our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) service and software to reveal environmental impact of processes from raw material production to disposal.

Corporate Carbon Footprint

Corporate Carbon Footprint and reporting: Let us help you develop the strategies, measurable targets, and initiatives that will bring your energy and carbon emissions under control. Automate reports, realize savings, and enhance your brand.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Let us help you understand your risks and opportunities related to supplier performance, improve environmental and social performance of your supply chain, and manage changing expectations for recycling, conflict minerals, and more.

Chemicals Management

Monitor and manage all the steps in your value chain more effectively, from component suppliers, right through to retail .

Water Footprint

Understand the full extent of your direct and indirect water usage to manage supply and costs. Let us help you increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

What our clients say

The project with thinkstep was a resounding success: Speedy implementation, years of experience and relevant expertise in electronics have more than paid off for us. The experts at thinkstep got us on the right track with Green IT and Sustainability.

Uwe Krause, Wincor Nixdorf

GaBi Software helps us to analyze the ecological performance of our products at the very beginning of our design process. GaBi gives us the data to assess and reduce the environmental impact of a product throughout its entire life cycle. EPDs are the basis of our Eco-Design strategy and a competitive advantage in an increasingly environmentally conscious market.

Stefan von Terzi, Zumtobel

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