Our easy to access and use data collection application helps you cut down the time spent on LCA while increasing data quality and consistency.


LCA data collection and modelling now takes less effort and can be up to 30% faster with improved accuracy.

Send multiple requests and communicate with your contacts knowing that your data is always save. Using the LCA Hub you can quickly draw from a library of templates to save time, and improve the overall quality and consistency of results.
All communications and data management is done in accordance with EU regulations on data security and privacy, and is carried out to the same degree as financial transactions. Integrate results directly into your GaBi model for your utmost convenience and time saving.

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Key Features

Easy to use

The LCA Hub is easy to access and use through a web browser, no special training is required.


State-of-the-art encryption via SSL/SSH (https), hosted on a public cloud, or on a private cloud in your own premise is an option. With the same level of security as used in banking transactions.

Template Library

The most popular GaBi processes are available as templates based on GaBi flow list. These prepared templates help you save time. You can also configure a customized template that fits your needs.


Send multiple requests in just a few clicks. Communicate efficiently using the request specific chat, upload files and have all communication, in one place, at a glance. All very intuitive and wizard driven for guidance.


Securely exchange data with a confirmed and authenticated connection. Email notifications keep you informed of updates.

Developed with global OEMs

Working with 8 of the largest organisations in the world, across a range of different sectors, with complex supply chains to define an outline for a system, then work with these organisations to develop, test and refine the LCA Hub.