Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) with Trucost Factors

Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) with Trucost Factors

Global factors of the TRUCOST NCA method implemented into GaBi database enabling the conversion of LCIA based results into dollars for each environmental indicator

Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) with Trucost Factors

Current LCA studies provide a comprehensive assessment of a products environmental footprint, from raw material extraction through manufacturing processes, in use and end of life phases. Environmental indicators such as climate change, energy, land and water use, and others are used to assess a products design across the various stages of its life.

LCA metrics typically present impacts as tonnes of carbon, cubic metres of water and hectares of land use. This prevents comparing trade-offs between different environmental issues, and presents information in technical terms which are not as accessible to business people or consumers.

TRUCOST NCA provides a common economic metric to compare relative scale and risk of different impacts and the ability to communicate in a more engaging manner.

Key Features

Compare Trade-Offs

of different environmental indicators across a products various life stages, thus creating a better understanding of the products true impact on nature. Different supply chains, raw materials and disposal methods can be evaluated.

Range of LCIA Methods

are supported including:

  • CML 2013 EU25+3
  • Traci 2.1, US-CA 2008
  • PEF recommendation
  • ReCiPe 1.08 (H)


the environmental and business cases simultaneously thus being able to develop a more resilient strategy for product development and innovation

Your Benefits

Manage Risks

related to scare resources and build a more resilient product portfolio. Reduced impact of higher operational cost and value chain cost. Ready for potential legislation and tax systems

Meaningful Communications

to a wider range of stakeholders, including customers, design teams, NGOs, investors and the wider market. Higher brand value if NCA is disclosed and managed


Decline in profit due to higher raw material cost. Higher global prices for more commodities – e.g. prices for cotton, corn or oil


New solution tool to identify the tangible impact and/or sources of impact at new level of detail. Embed natural capital considerations in design decisions

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