Webinar replay - Accelerate your path to circular: 5 actions to implement now


Everybody is talking about Circular Economy - and all agree that it’s a key path to a sustainable future.

Like “sustainability” itself, though, the journey is complex. The core concept – to move away from our ‘take, make, waste’ industrial society – may be clear, but that’s a tall mountain to climb - where and how do you start? There are also many milestones along the way, many ways to think about measuring progress, and many innovations to business, logistics, financial, and marketing models required to get there.

You’ve heard all about the vision of Circular — now join us for the “HOW NOW.” In this webinar, hosted by Sustainable Brands, we provide practical solutions for initiating your journey, including how to evaluate the impact on your business when implementing circular solutions or business models, updates on standard metrics used to ‘prove’ the circularity of your business or products, practical case studies, and much more.

What you learn:

  • How to calculate the value to your business of going circular
  • Steps to decide how to start going circular and what to do next
  • Circular Indicators and how to calculate them
  • How existing measurement tools like LCA can be applied to circular economy strategies
  • How supply chain data supports your planning and measurement

About the speakers

Laura Flanigan, Director, Consumer Goods Sector, Senior Consultant

Laura Flanigan is Director of the Consumer Packaged Goods sector and a Senior Consultant at thinkstep, Inc. with 15 years of experience developing, implementing and evaluating customized strategies, frameworks and tools to help clients achieve their visions for sustainable products, business practices and operations. Her projects have included the quantification and improvement of impacts related to consumer products and packaging, development of product sustainability frameworks and tools, and marketing of life cycle-based product claims. Project clients include Keurig Green Mountain, Mondelez, Dole, SC Johnson, Kimberly Clark, Johnson and Johnson and more.

Lise Molander, Director of Strategic Accounts Principal Consultant, Nordic Region

Lise Molander is a principal consultant at thinkstep and an expert on design and implementation of circular economy models, including implementation of strategies, green business models, resource efficiency, alternative material selection, industrial symbiosis, and radical innovation processes. She has over 17 years of industrial and consultancy experience in environmental, sustainability, NCA, cradle-to-cradle and circular economy on corporate level.

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