Our mission

Through our unique portfolio of software, data and consulting expertise we lead organizations to sustainable success and help them contribute to a resilient and thriving planet.

Sustainability is the pivot point for success

There’s no such thing as ‘business as usual’ in our era of climate change, resource scarcity, and population growth. Today’s complex global value chains carry substantial risks and opportunities for environmental impact. That’s why governments, investors, customers and communities demand increased transparency and proactive, credible action from companies.

We believe that the next 10 years will be the breakthrough decade for global sustainability agendas. People and institutions demands it, scientific knowledge confirms it, and modern technology enables it. But true sustainability requires a new approach—one grounded in data, scaled up through technology, and tailored with services—to deliver real, long-term results.

Why partner with thinkstep?

thinkstep is the global leader in sustainability performance management.

When you work with thinkstep, you’re in good company. 2,500 businesses worldwide—including 40% of the Fortune 500—plus academic institutions, governments, and associations trust us to help them optimise sustainability throughout their organisations. We help you put your forward thinking  into practice, recalibrating strategies and operations for long-term sustainability success with proven data, technology, and services.

Our data, drawn from more than 72,000 datasets, is unrivalled in its scope and rigour. It permits precise sustainability calculations across all parts of the supply chain. Our software is robust, easy to use, and available on demand or as part of a configurable solution. Meanwhile, our experts help you map and evaluate the economic, environmental, and social impact for every aspect of your operations and products—then take action to reduce risks and make the most of your opportunities.

Capture the environmental, economic, and social impact of every aspect of your products and operations, simply and efficiently. We offer the world’s leading source of next-generation sustainability technology and expertise, built over 20+ years. Our data is collected from businesses around the world and in every industry resulting in 72,000+ constantly evolving data sets, benchmarks, and best practices.

Tap into:

  • Interconnected primary data, industry-sector data, and geo data, which allows you to see the trends emerging from the bigger picture
  • Configurable data models for dynamic analysis of products and product portfolios
  • Next-generation filling systems to close gaps in your data
  • Visual queries for intuitive analysis
  • Predictive analytics to anticipate risk and opportunity
  • Data characterization, categorization and aggregation from product to corporate level
  • Benchmarking and peer analysis
  • Dynamic scoring to evaluate qualitative and quantitative performance 

How your organisation benefits

Sustainability and compliance are complex business challenges—it takes sound analysis and engaged action will to solve them. But sustainability knowledge, needs, and standards are constantly changing. That’s why we constantly evolve our knowledge to keep you at the forefront of sustainability developments.

When you know the hotspots in your entire value chain you can build in compliance to reduce operational risk, report on material issues to your stakeholders, and accelerate product innovation. As a result, you will strengthen your brand and profitability long term, insulating your business against potential risks.

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