Life Cycle Assessment Software and Consulting

Reduce the environmental impact of your products and develop more sustainable products and processes.

Life Cycle Assessment

Get the verified facts that guide truly sustainable sourcing and product development.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) gives you a more complete understanding of your company’s dependence on critical raw materials, the availability of alternative sources, and the impact of materials and processes on the environment. With our integrated LCA software platform, you can identify trade-offs within your value chain and reduce both economic and environmental risks.

Use our fact-based lifecycle analyses to support strategic decisions about product portfolio investments, product development, and sourcing materials. Let our process engineers compare different production processes with LCA to advise you on the ones that will provide superior sustainability performance. Our LCA software and consulting services also give you the data and tools to design more sustainable products from the concept to end-of-life stages.

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Having access to the latest industry data is a critical success factor for the application of LCA to solving business problems. GaBi Databases deliver consistent, first-class content for our LCA work.

Dr. Marcus Pfaadt, Wacker Polymers

We help you succeed with:

Increase credibility

Consumers and stakeholders assign more value to verifiably sustainable products. Our LCA software and services comply with national, European, and international standards, resulting in the rigorous, science-based analysis that earns public trust.

Improve supply chain risk management

Use our advanced tools to identify underperforming sites and track supplier performance throughout your value chain. Anticipate and prevent costly incidents with advanced tools for supplier performance management. 

Increase revenue

Conducting lifecycle analyses and communicating the results can help you win new business. Use our LCA platform to make decisions that reduce total cost and identify opportunities to reduce waste.

Build up your brand reputation

Communicate your commitment to sustainability more widely and effectively to internal and external stakeholders. Strengthen general public awareness of your brand as leader in corporate social responsibility.