Quickly and easily ensure the end-of-life impact of your products meets all standards with our analysis and automation tools.


GaBi DfX extends the compliance and sustainable product development capabilities of GaBi ts with features that focus on the end-of-life phase.

GaBi DfX is particularly adept at analysing complex products, such as vehicles, aircraft, or electronics products, by importing a Bill of Materials (BoM). GaBi DfX enables you to accomodate multiple regulations in the product design process…

  • EU Directives for end-of-life vehicles
  • Waste electrical and electronic equipment
  • Energy-using products
  • Hazardous substance restrictions

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Key Features

Save time

Import a Bill of Materials (BoM) to greatly reduce the time and effort needed for LCAs. Automatically match product materials and manufacturing processes with GaBi database inventories.

Efficiently design for multiple standards

Easily adapt designs for directives including compliance; Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS); EU End of Life Vehicles; Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE); and more. Extensive functions also allow transparent lifecycle analysis. 

Centralise modelling to avoid duplicate efforts

Use one, transparent product model for all lifecycle considerations, reducing the risks of duplicate effort and working with an outdated or incorrect model.

Reduce costs

Reduce operational costs by leveraging data from BoMs, model reuse, and the more efficient processes that result from using our system.

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