GaBi Data on Demand

Get the data that fits your unique requirements quickly and easily to stay up to date, reduce risks, and maintain your competitive edge.

Data on Demand

Data on Demand helps you address one of the most constant sustainability challenges in business today: Change.

As rapid changes in technology, legislation, and methods combine with developments in energy grid mixes, materials, processes, and substances, current sustainability data and agile software become your most important decision-making tools.

Data on Demand allows you to choose and combine any of our datasets to match your specific requirements. This data is then automatically maintained as part of our annual data upgrade programme. Our flexible, ever-evolving platform helps you anticipate and adapt to change as you develop new products, enhance existing ones, and seek to enter new markets.

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Key Features

Business agility

We make it easy to keep LCA at the forefront of your business and address the fast-paced, ever-changing sustainability challenges typical in industries worldwide today.

Simplified research

Save time while reducing costs and risks with our strong search capability and streamlined processes. Simply buy, download, and use the data you need after finding it quickly and easily.

Annual upgrade programme

Our unique annual data upgrade ensures you have access to the most current LCA methods, energy mixes, technology, and supply chain data to help maintain your competitive advantage.