thinkstep Data Foundation

Our data foundation gives you a unified, comprehensive view of industrial processes to inform your sustainability strategies.

thinkstep Data Foundation

We have spent 20 years with businesses, associations and governments around the world building  the largest coherent data model for almost every existing industrial process and it's environmental impact.

Our data fusion and analytics layer integrates multiple data sources into coherent models, performs complex computations, and dynamic scenario modeling. Data exchange technologies enable efficient data capture and transfer across your organisation and value chains. Our data foundation also holds the world's only singular industrial process model.

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Key Features

Global Industrial Process Database

Our global industrial process database represents the world’s network of industrial processes, including regionalized data for production flows, materials, energy, transport information and commodities consumption.  

Impact Library

We provide over 10,000 impact and risk profiles to take the hassle out of managing the frequently updated information and methodologies required for reporting.

Schemas library

The schemas library holds 550 rule sets and reporting schemes, including global EPD verification schemes, the latest CDP questionnaires, GRI reporting frameworks, and REACH/ RoHS directives.

Benchmark library

See how your sustainability performance truly compares to best-in-class and industry averages. Our benchmark library contains 15,000 industry-based data points from proprietary and third-party sources.

Best practices library

Explore over 110,000 sustainability projects, including due diligence projects from 14,000 companies distilled into snap-shot summaries of implementation cost, success rate, and ROI.