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23rd Feb 2017

Water footprint - Regionalized water flows in GaBi

​Following the latest developments in the water footprint methodology, new regionalized water flows...


21st Feb 2017

Water Footprint - Introduction & Methodology

Join thinkstep's water expert Daniel Thylmann for an introduction to water footprinting. He will...


15th Feb 2017

What's new in GaBi Databases '17

The new edition of GaBi Databases, GaBi Databases '17, will be released on January 31, 2017. GaBi...


7th Dec 2016

Webinar replay - Embracing Circular Economy to Drive Business Value Part II – a case study deep dive

In our October 26th webinar we briefly covered some examples demonstrating circular economy. The...

material data management Webinar

22nd Nov 2016

Material Data Management: Your Key to Product Innovation

Topics include best practices in materials driven product design, key innovation strategies, and...


26th Oct 2016

Circular Economy - A Practical Guide to Driving Business Value

The concept of Circular Economy has risen to the top of the agenda in many public debates,...


16th Aug 2016

Webinar replay: Webinar 2 in our series: Meeting the Demand for Product Transparency and LEED v4

Producing Cost-Effective EPDs for Product Manufacturers


2nd Aug 2016

Webinar replay: Webinar 1 in our series: Meeting the Demand for Product Transparency and LEED v4

Producing Cost-Effective EPDs for Industry Associations


7th Jun 2016

Webinar replay - GaBi 2016 June release – what’s new

We will be releasing a new version of GaBi on June 15, 2016. Improvements in GaBi focus on...


22nd Apr 2016

Webinar replay - EDGE: Una forma más económica, rápida y asequible para diseñar y construir edificios con un mayor reconocimiento de marca

¿Sabe usted que hay una manera rápida, fácil y asequible para construir verde en 125 mercados...

world map, picture collage Webinar

21st Apr 2016

Webinar replay - EDGE: A faster more affordable way to design, build and brand more resource efficient buildings

Do you know that there’s a fast, easy and affordable way to build and brand green in 125 emerging...


22nd Mar 2016

Webinar replay - LEED v4 Alert for Product Manufacturers

Delayed for over a year, LEED v4 is about to take center stage.