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White Paper

More efficient and faster collaborative LCA with GaBi Server

In this webinar the GaBi team outlines the three main steps to prepare the foundation for more...

White Paper

Knowledge is Power

A guide to improve Enterprise Sustainability Performance.

White Paper

LCA in construction: status, impact, and limitations

The white paper provides concise information about LCA in the manufacturing sector and in design...

White Paper

Global Guidance Principles for Life Cycle Assessment Databases

A basis for greener processes and products - ‘Shonan Guidance Principles’

White Paper

Why Take A Life Cycle Approach?

Taking a life cycle approach for making sustainable decisions.

White Paper

Life Cycle Assessment

The Whitepaper describes the concept of Life Cycle Assessment and what LCA can do for you.

White Paper

Environmental Footprint

Environmental Footprinting Initiative of the European Commission - 7 things you should know about it

White Paper

Climate Change Reporting

Managing information for climate change reporting: a CDP roadmap guide

White Paper

Life Cycle Assessment - An Executive Overview

An Executive Overview of Applications, Market Drivers and Business Benefits

White Paper

Fracking & Shale Gas

Unconventional natural gas production (shale gas) by hydraulic fracturing - Quantification of the...

White Paper

Uncertainty in Life Cycle Inventory data

Addressing uncertainty in LCI data with particular emphasis on variability in upstream supply...

White Paper

Sustainable Packaging

5 steps to establish a value-adding sustainable packaging initiative.