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Make sustainability research a force for change among your students and sponsors with the deepest data and the best software tools available.


In the rapidly growing field of sustainability research, the efficiency of your data collection and analysis can greatly affect your ability to make an impact.

Let us help you collect sustainability data more swiftly and accurately to help you generate more of your own breakthrough insights in your field. We are consistently the first choice in the global LCA community for accuracy, simplicity, and depth of data.

Our leading platform’s social collaboration features lets you reach your sponsors, stakeholders, and other LCA practitioners easily anytime, anywhere. Order data on demand and use our leading software platform to create the most relevant and high-impact lessons, sponsor reports, and communications.

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We immediately benefited from GaBi’s clear, transparent and powerful concept. We particularly like the unparalleled flexibility in modelling and the ease for communicating results, scenarios or even build individual ecodesign applets. In our educational programmes, GaBi provides the students with a clear picture of LCA modelling due to its engineering approach.

Prof. Chris France, University of Surrey

Why academic professionals work with thinkstep

The best LCA data for research

Help yourself to the deepest, constantly evolving datasets to inform all your research. Collected and organised over 20 years, our global data also reflects the most current supply chains and technologies. 

Easily collaborate with sponsors and stakeholders

Manage data collection and feedback loops from all sources efficiently, transparently. and simply with our centralised LCA platform and templates. 

Develop engaging learning experiences

Inspire and challenge students to apply sustainability insights in real-world contexts using the most current, accurate data and next-generation tools.