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Prove the business case for sustainability in even the most complex organisation simply, clearly and confidently.

Corporate Sustainability Professionals

Create sustainable business value

Corporations worldwide accept authentic sustainability as a condition of doing business, but proving the results and value requires deep and complex data. We give you easy access to the essentials you need to provide clear and compelling evidence to all stakeholders inside and outside the business.

Our Performance Management Hub helps you measure and communicate the competitive advantages and cost savings of sustainability. Use our Sustainability Data and Reporting Hub for company-wide sustainability performance metrics, intuitive analytics, benchmarking, and flexible reporting formats. At all levels, thinkstep empowers corporate sustainability professionals with clear, updated, verifiable data.

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thinkstep's software not only helps us save time and money, it is also a sound and reliable foundation for our sustainability reporting.

Peter Hunziker, Aargauische Kantonalbank

Top Apps for Corporate Sustainability

Data Hub

Secure data exchange platform for sustainability and compliance. Share data with colleagues, suppliers, customers and partners. Easily manage requests, track responses and provide direct feedback to your contacts.

Materiality Analyzer

Materiality assessment for GRI, IIRC or SASB. Survey stakeholders and built a materiality matrix to prioritize sustainability aspects

CDP Reporter

Accredited CDP responses. Collect, validate and submit performance information to CDP using always the latest questionnaires.

Performance Manager

Sustainability Performance Management for the enterprise. Includes KPI analysis, benchmarking, planning and forecasting and sustainability ROI analysis.

Why corporate sustainability professionals work with thinkstep

Global expertise

We work with the largest, most complex organisations in the world to implement sustainability strategies across markets and product categories.

Leading sustainability intelligence

Our Intelligence Centre provides information and insights backed by experienced consultancy to justify your sustainability vision and strategic decisions. 

Business value

Enhance brand value and increase customer share with resources that help you create and communicate authentic sustainability advantages. 

Apps across the organisation

Access the most powerful, elegant tools for your specific requirements: Take advantage of apps designed to help you integrate your sustainability approach into every part of the business. 

Simplified research and reporting

Use our simple, integrated tools to learn about environmental impact across the business and clearly communicate results to all stakeholders.

Make better decisions

Draw on the deepest datasets available to understand the end-to-end impact of materials and processes. Access the most up-to-date research anytime, quickly and easily.

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