Corporate Sustainability Software

Corporate Sustainability Software

Our corporate sustainability software solutions simplify reporting, risk management, audits, strategy and resource optimization across your entire organization.

SoFi - Corporate Sustainability Software for the Enterprise

We help you succeed sustainably

The SoFi software platform for the Enterprise simplifies and streamlines organizational sustainability and EHS to enable transparent performance management. World-class data collection and reporting technology, powerful analytics for big datasets and a modern, intuitive user experience make SoFi software the ideal choice for large and complex organizations. SoFi software seamlessly integrates with existing IT systems and covers a broad range of functions:.

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More than 180 customers worldwide rely on SoFi corporate sustainability software from thinkstep.


Key features

Intuitive user experience

The improved software design makes the user experience even more enjoyable. Use SoFi ts on your mobile device, in meetings or on business trips, with the new responsive design it’s convenient and easy.

Automated data collection

Cut time spent on collecting, validating and reporting data with our pre-built workflows covering all major disclosure standards. Increase efficiency by capturing data from existing IT systems and spreadsheets.

Dynamic reporting

Quickly and easily report on all common sustainability standards and ratings such as CDP, GRI, SASB, DJSI, FTSE and many more. Implement efficient dynamic reporting on sustainability KPIs for your entire organization.

Powerful performance management

Improve your sustainability performance management with our advanced tools for forecasting, benchmarking and analysis. Manage and track targets, perform KPI analysis and take advantage of solid ROI planning features.

Best-in class configurability & scalability

Scale-up data collection with faster screens and take advantage of easy handling of big datasets. Configurable wizards guide you through standard workflows to simplify common tasks and save time.

Enterprise-ready IT integration

Proven APIs for integration with your existing enterprise IT systems such as SAP and other ERP, BMS, CRM etc.