GaBi Databases

Our unmatched data quality and accuracy lets you substantiate sustainability claims to raise your brand profile, increase revenue, and improve your competitive advantage with confidence.

GaBi Databases

We understand that current, reliable Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) data is the foundation of your most important business and technology decisions. 

GaBi Database is the leading LCA data source on the market, providing more than 10,000 environmental profiles of materials and processes. All of our data represents the latest real industry processes, not theories, so you can be confident in applying it to your own business.

Whether you need to design new or more sustainable products, track supply chain performance, improve compliance, or optimise production processes, our data will help you reduce risks and expenditure of energy, resources, time, and money.

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Key Features

The latest industry data

Our unique annual data upgrade ensures you have access to the most current LCA methods, energy mixes, technology, and supply chain data to help maintain your competitive advantage.

Consistent data structure

Our structural simplicity saves time while reducing costs and risks. Explore and apply our data immediately, without the complexity of adapting to different formats and impact calculation methods. 

Unrivalled data

Access 20 years of evolving data to develop the most sustainable products.
Covering all major industry sectors and regions worldwide, our data is unmatched for depth, breadth, accuracy, and quality. 

Transparency and quality assurance

Our data, methods, and governance are continually reviewed by global verification company DEKRA to ensure the highest accuracy and quality. See our full database documentation online.

Sector-specific Extension databases

Our sector-specific GaBi Extension data bundles offer advanced LCA professionals a broader data spectrum covering construction and building materials, electronics, plastics, and more.

Data on Demand

Access any content thinkstep holds even if it’s not in a GaBi database. We will regionalise or otherwise adapt any dataset as needed, and create new datasets upon request.

GaBi Content Basic and Business

Choose GaBi Content Basic to quickly delve into the most representative datasets across all sectors. Use GaBi Content Business to easily access all publically available GaBi content in one place.

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