Centre for Disabled Persons

A letter carrying aid

The task of collating, folding, enveloping, and labelling of our mailings in the current format has been allocated to the good hands of the Stuttgart Centre for the Physically Disabled (bhz). In their workplace are over 300 members with various disabilities.

The work there is particularly meaningful for the disabled. Diversification and forging bonds, recognition and happiness, challenges and personal development are intertwined at the centre.

Discover talents and develope abilities

The bhz provides a social service and helps persons with disabilities to discover their natural talents and develop their individual abilities. They are supported in finding his or her place within our society, maximising their autonomy and confidence to develop skills. The Stuttgart Centre for the Disabled has committed themselves to promoting the well being of the disabled: the centre is a partner for the disabled rather than a supervisor in it’s providing of advancement and mentoring.

Live “as normal as possible,”

The centre’s employees and disabled members unite in the common goal of being able to live “as normal as possible,” in the city, their municipalities and communities. Participants should be able to bring their own prospects and engage in the working process and community life.