Typhoon Haiyan

During this Christmas season, PE INTERNATIONAL supports the emergency aid organisation “Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe” by sending Christmas greetings via email instead of printed Christmas cards. Our Christmas email reduces costs and conserves resources. The money saved is donated to people who urgently need our help. Since typhoon Haiyan raged in the Philippines, the Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe is working together with hundreds of volunteers to help those affected. 310,000 people could be supported so far. First actions start now to rebuild what was lost in order for people to be able to support themselves as soon as possible.

15 million people are affected by the typhoon

15 million people are affected in the island nation by the typhoon . Many of them have lost everything: their homes, their harvest , their belongings. "We all stick together, we help each other and share what little we have," says Rosmaria Haballia while receiving an emergency relief package in the small fishing village Tinang-Ann on Leyte . All 400 families in Tinang-Ann receive food such as palm oil , sardines, dried fish and rice as well as hygiene items , sleeping mats and blankets from the Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe. Also on the islands Negros, Siargao, Bicol, Masbate, Cebu, Palawan and Mindoro were distribution campaigns. Reconstruction begins slowly.

Many of those affected have left the shelters and moved back to their homes. But the houses of four million people are in ruins, their fields devastated. In order to have roofs over their heads again quickly, the Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe support them in rebuilding. On Leyte and Samar, for example, the parties will receive building materials and tools. Technical consultants support them, so that their houses are built in a way to better withstand strong winds and even earthquakes. In order to use the wood of the palm trees, that got uprooted by the typhoon, every village also gets a chainsaw.

Help for self- care

Through the storm and the floods many fishermen have lost their boats and nets in the typhoon. The Diakonie Katastrophenhilfe and its partners gave a hundred fishing nets to the affected fishermen already. In addition, so far 6,000 families were provided with seeds for vegetables and rice cultivation and agricultural equipment, to be quickly self-sufficient again. Psychosocial offers help the relevant people to process losses such as the death of loved ones during the catastrophe.