Evaluation of energy efficiency of alternative processes and technology chains

Challenges in the manufacturing engineering:

There is increasing awareness in manufacture about environmental aspects and resource efficiency (both material efficiency and energy efficiency). This forces the sector of machinery and plant engineering to optimize and improve technology chains also ecologically. The knowledge about

  • the minimal needed resource demand the
  • highest possible level of energy efficiency
  • the carbon footprint of finished parts and components

are fundamental success factor. In order to overcome these challenges, it is much more important to analyze and environmentally improve the whole technology chain rather than the consideration of only single processes or single machines.

Your Solution through the BEATool:

The main indications of the BEAT project were:

  • to investigate the energy efficiency of alternative machining technology chains in the automobile industry
  • and enable the conduction of LCA per mouse-clicks according to ISO standards 14040 and 140444

For this purpose a user friendly software tool “BEATool” was developed. This is the tool for more transparency in the material and energy flows in the manufacturing engineering. The “BEATool” summarizes and displays the environmental information (e.g. carbon footprint, energy and material consumption) from the whole technology chain down to the detailed specification of each machine or each process step.

This tool assists:

  • comprehensive analysis of energy and material consumption of technology chains and single processes
  • comparison of alternatives in time through simulation (parameter variation and scenario analyses)
  • continuous improvement and optimization process for production line through transparent analysis of economic and technical criteria.

“BEATool” is characterized by user friendly application through:

  • simplified representation of complex technology chains
  • output of results without extra effort – Product Carbon Footprint and other environmental impact categories just per mouse click
  • environmental topics quick and easy understand – no environmental expert knowledge necessary
  • easy understandable guideline

thinkstep offers:

  • Demonstration of BEATool
  • Customization of BEATool
  • Workshops/Trainings:
  • Sustainability strategy, LCA, EPD, CF, GaBi/SoFi-trainings
  • BEATool application and use
  • Understanding and Interpretation of results
  • Communication of results
  • Information about prices, sale of software for BEATool
  • Sustainability consulting in all markets