A European Green Building Exchange on Sustainability and Energy Performance Buildings CONSTRUCTION21 is the winner of a call of proposals "Intelligent Energy for Europe". This collaborative platform aims to help practitioners discover and develop new ways of sustainable building.

Construction21 is the first trans European platform to inform and communicate about Sustainable Construction. Construction21 will open six national platforms serving building industry practitioners in six European countries: France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Romania and Spain. This first platform directly issued from the French prototype running from 2009. Construction21 will later extend to the whole Europe and become the first common tool for sustainable building in the 27 European countries.

Objectives of Construction21

  • Help practitioners to organize on‐line and off‐line communities around all the sustainable building issues
  • Creating transparency and comparability on both national and European markets regarding construction and renovation projects, as well as associated methods and techniques
  • Transparency – On Construction21 you’ll find a seamless comparison based on real costs, technical and environmental performances
  • Case studies - Setting up a positive competition (national and European) between projects, based on sustainable development criteria
  • Thematic communities – To improve their practices, specialists of each field share research and experiences within their own community, managed by an expert of the sector

Part of thinkstep in the project

thinkstep will take active part in developing the European and German Platform especially in organizing content, topics and communities. We will be the leader of Work Package (WP) 8 “Communication to target industry stakeholders and experts”.

WP 8 provides resources for partners to ensure the communication and the dissemination of C21. WP8 also provides for the publicity and communication to the construction industry to ensure quick take off of C21 among target groups. Partners will ensure on-going “bottom up” communication via “hot topics” virtual and local meetings and webinars. They will launch media communication campaigns and advertisements actions, and engage in “viral” campaigns. They will sponsor and contribute to industry and other forums, and field speakers’ bureaus.

These include “Hot topics” meetings in key partner cities organized by local networks associated with C21; site partnerships and viral messaging campaigns; speakers bureau; on-line video; participation in and co sponsoring by partners of national and target group events; Europe wide events, including hopefully an industry event planed to be co sponsored by EACI in collaboration with pertinent EU initiatives.

CONSTRUCTION21 aims to become the first platform to inform and communicate about sustainable construction to bring forward the country specific and European exchange of knowledge about sustainable buildings.