ALIVE (Adavanced High Volume Affordable LIghtweighting for Future Electric VEhicles) aims to develop key vehicle lightweighting technologies based on advanced metal and hybrid materials.

ALIVE aims for application in near-future electric vehicles (EV) to be introduced into the market from 2020 and at a level of technology readiness that would enable mass production.

ALIVE is part of the SEAM cluster for automotive EU R&D Projects. ALIVE started in October 2012 and will last until 2016, the project it’s formed with 23 Partners of the automotive industry and academia.

Objectives of ALIVE

The key objective is to achieve affordable solutions for vehicle weight reduction, targeting a 45-50% weight reduction of the Body-in-White (BiW) compared to benchmark state-of-the art technology recently introduced to the market, as well as 25-30 % weight saving in the hang-on parts, chassis and main interior sub-systems.

Affordable weight reduction is one key factor for growth of the electric vehicles’ market. The ALIVE main approach is to combine innovation and economic viability. Key aspects are

  • high-volume manufacturing of lightweight components
  • introducing innovation in the assembly process (ie. joining technologies)
  • crashworthiness assessment

Within the project full scale demonstrators will be built and tested.

Part of thinkstep in the project

thinkstep is leader of the WP6. The goal of WP6 is the generation of appropriate and reliable LCA models for the new ALIVE materials and production technologies. Also an easy to use LCA tool based on GaBi-Envision for the assessment of the design alternatives shall be developed.

The study includes the entire life cycle. Therefore the models include also calculations for the mass induced electricity savings during the use stage of the car and a potential change of the battery size due to a lower mass of the vehicle.