The AVANGARD project addresses the integration of three novel processing units into an existing Microfactory test bed conceived to produce urban electric vehicles. The units are state of-the-art multipurpose and multifunctional demonstrators on their own, specifically:

  • Robotized integration of laser cutting-shaping-welding for 3D components
  • Supersonic deposition of metallic powders for high speed 3D printing
  • Large volume and high-speed 3D polymeric printing

The operation of the AVANGARD pilot will be demonstrated manufacturing I-Bikes, I-CARS and innovative battery packs

Our involvement in Avangard

  • State of the art technology monitoring and link to other EU projects. Support in development of roadmaps, definition of new value chains and business models under consideration of the environmental footprint.
  • Reliability of data for LCA analysis using blockchain technology
  • Data for generation of LCA datasets for manufacturing steps, such as of laser cutting-shaping-welding for 3D components, supersonic deposition of metallic  powders for high speed 3D printing, large area and high-speed 3D polymeric printing.
  • An integrated environmental assessment of different technologies/ manufacturing lines developed will provide quantitative data to support decision making and to ensure that the technological improvement is accompanied by the overall environmental improvement – ecodesign.
  • Baseline and final improved data for LCA of I-BIKES, I-CAR, battery packs
  • Dissemination
  • Project management for the LCA dedicated tasks