Giving Packaging a New Life

FENIX – Giving Packaging a New Life - is a 3-year European LIFE+ project which will create a user-friendly and flexible tool for assisting municipalities, communities and regions of Spain and Portugal to easily obtaining environmental Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) results on packaging waste management.

The software tool will be specially designed to assist local and regional waste managers of those countries to look for more eco-efficient and sustainable solutions for packaging waste management, but also will be extrapolable to other European regions.

The project is supported by the EU LIFE+ funding programme. It is a multi-partner initiative which involves experts from organisations across Europe.

Objectives of FENIX

The FENIX project aims at developing a software tool to assist Spanish and Portuguese municipalities in the decision-making for packaging waste management from a life cycle perspective, integrating environmental, economic and social aspects.

The tool will allow the different users to introduce and modify parameters (km travelled, selection between different collection and treatment options, plant efficiency, etc.) to adapt the models created in the tool to the real situation. With the aim of promoting more sustainable packaging waste management and minimizing environmental impact, the tool will aid in creating more sustainable collection systems adapted to the different situations of today’s European societies, fostering sustainable development and the protection of our environment.

Specific objectives:

  • Show the usefulness of LCA to make decisions related to waste management issues.
  • Create and adapt the new software to the user’s real needs.
  • Compile data and create a specific database on waste management processes for Spain and Portugal.
  • Share the knowledge outcomes among other Spanish and Portuguese institutions (universities, technical institutes, etc.) in order to facilitate the establishment of an Iberian network of experts on LCA and waste management.
  • Transfer the results to other European regions.
  • Training project collaborators on waste management, LCA, and the use of the GaBi software.

Part of thinkstep in the project

  • Training courses of LCA and GaBi modeling to all collaborators.
  • thinkstep is developing the FENIX model as a background for the mask to be used through thinkstep tool Web i-Report.