One of the biggest challenges faced nowadays by humanity is the search for a healthy balance between economic development, biodiversity and environmental protection.

Many policies put in place by public authorities have this challenge in mind and focus their effort on what is known as sustainable development.

Sustainability is based on the need for development of today’s society without risking this development of future generations.

Innovative projects are needed to acquire the knowledge, evaluate and act on specific human.

Objectives of HAproWINE

The wine industry produces a great quantity of refuse. About 80% of the harvest is used for winemaking and grape waste is 20% of the weight of processed grapes. Therefore, treatment and disposal of winery waste is a serious environmental problem and it is necessary to find new valorisation strategies for those wastes that will provide a competitive improvement for the wine sector.

The LIFE HAproWINE project seeks to contribute to sustainable development in the winery sector of Castilla y León. Bearing this in mind, the following specific objectives have been established: 

  • Promote the rational and sustainable use of natural resources (freshwater resources, land, etc.) using a life-cycle 
  • Promote the prevention, recovery and recycling of winery wastes
  • Promote the supply-and-demand of more environmentally-friendly products throughout their life cycle
  • Identify and promote the synthesis of high added-value compounds that can be obtained from the different wine waste streams.

Part of thinkstep in the project

  • Establishment of harmonized calculation rules and methodology to assess the environmental impact associated with wine life cycle to ensure objective, comparable information.
  • Definition of the environmental requirements that the wine product system has to fulfill to be seen as environmentally responsible.
  • Design of the appropriate administrative structure and internal functional configuration of the Eco-labeling Program.

General information about LIFE+ HAPROWINE

Name: Integrated waste management and life cycle assessment in the wine industry: From waste to high-value products

Starting date: 01/01/2010

Funding type: LIFE program from EU commission

Country: Spain

Duration: 4 years

Fundación del Patrimonio Natural de Castilla y León
Fundación Centro Tecnológico de Miranda de Ebro
Cátedra UNESCO de Ciclo de Vida y Cambio Climático Escuela Superior de Comercio Internacional (Barcelona)

Project website