Sustainability at thinkstep

Sustainability at thinkstep

Transparently Communicating Our Impacts

Striving toward more transparent sustainability communication is no longer an ethical choice—it is a business necessity.

Consumers, employees, investors and regulators are pressuring companies to align their activities with social and environmental principles. Part of our success story has always been our employees’ personal conviction that we need to do everything we can to drive sustainability forward.

It is a challenging task for us as a relatively small business, but hugely rewarding, because sustainable success for our clients also means a more resilient and thriving planet.

thinkstep’s corporate sustainability report is our effort to transparently communicate the impact of our activities.

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Data drives business decisions. So companies need high-quality environmental, social and governance data in order to develop and act on sustainable strategies.

Jan Poulsen, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

See these examples of how we use our own SoFi Software, to automatically calculate our environmental impacts.

We consume most of our energy through natural gas and electricity use in our offices.

Our energy consumption decreased until last year and slightly increased in 2018 as a result of an increase in employees.

As a company that provides services and solutions, the bulk of our carbon footprint results from travelling to meetings with our clients. For the future, we aim to reduce our business travel by trying to reduce the number of face-to-face meetings, while still providing the same high-quality service.

While we continuously introduce new initiatives to reduce our energy consumption and GHG emissions, we strongly believe it best to offset our own carbon footprint whenever other measures are inadequate.

In 2018, through our partner ecoAct, we offset such emissions by helping to finance the Borehole Rehabilitation Project in Ethiopia, helping rural people gain access to safe, clean drinking water—preventing waterborne diseases, such as cholera and typhoid—while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

This is part of thinkstep’s efforts to work toward achieving the UN Sustainability Development Goals, in this case SDGs 3, 6 and 15.

Sustainability at thinkstep      Sustainability at thinkstep       Sustainability at thinkstep

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