Meet the thinkstep sustainability consulting experts

Consulting Experts

Daniel Thylmann

Water Footprint

Dr. Bastian Wittstock

Green building & construction, building portfolio management, serial certification

Dr. Christoph Koffler

LCA Methods and Innovation

Dr. Peter Shonfield

LCA Quality Assurance

Dr. Constantin Herrmann

Green IT and Electronics, Product Environmental Footprint (PEF), Metals, Mining & Manufacturing

Jane Anderson

Building & Construction, BREEAM

Dr. Johannes Gediga

Mining, Metals & Manufacturing

Martin Blumberg

Building & Construction

Jürgen Stichling

Mobility & Automotive

Dr. Michael Faltenbacher

Transport & Logistics

Dr. Oliver Schuller

Energy and Oil & Gas

Dr. Sabine Deimling

Food, Agriculture, Renewable Resources

Dr. Lutz Scheidt

Material Management, Substance Compliance

Dr. Martin Baitz

Data Innovation, Standardization

Matthias Münzing

Corporate Sustainability Solutions

Thomas Saunders

EDGE & building portfolio management

Michael Betz

Product and Material Compliance

Sebastian Birke

Circular economy

Harald Florin

Product Sustainability Solutions

Hannes Partl

Sustainability strategy

Marc Binder

Integrated sustainability solutions

Martijn Gipmans

TripleS, chemistry

Ulrike Bos

Land use

Alexander Stoffregen


Nuno da Silva

Building portfolio management

Viviana Carrillo

LCA and GaBi Software Training

Rosemary Lapka

Consumer Goods Director

Country Lead Contacts

Dr. Johannes Gediga

Regional lead, Switzerland

Dr. Barbara Nebel

thinkstep Ltd. Australasia

Emanuela Scimia

Managing Director, Italy

Ulf Gilberg

Regional lead, Nordics

Laura Guillon

Country Lead, France

Dr. Rajesh Kumar Singh

Managing Director, India

Dr. Sandy Smith

Managing Director, UK

Shannon Bonzaier

Managing Director South Africa

Isabel Fullana

Country Lead, Spain & Portugal

Nuno da Silva

Sales lead, NA

Susan Murphy

service delivery lead, NA