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Building Portfolio Management Software

Fulfil Investor Demands

Our software for building portfolio management helps you fulfil investor demands and increase the value of your real estate portfolio.

Let us help you get your property certified to green building standards and demonstrate good management practices with our software for building portfolio management.

SoFi Software enables you to to collect data more efficiently, create comprehensive reports, and benchmark your building portfolio against peers. Plus, our automated data quality checks, pre-built workflows, and fully transparent audit trail allow you to complete GRESB, CDP, and GRI questionnaires quickly and with confidence.

Scale your reporting to include additional reporting schemes such as ENERGY STAR, BREEAM, LEED. Save time with auto-complete disclosure for all major sustainability reporting standards.

building portfolio management

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building portfolio management
building portfolio management
building portfolio management
building portfolio management
building portfolio management

Benefits to Your Business

Save time and increase productivity

Reduce the time spent on data collection and any reporting scheme by up to 50%. Keep your focus on portfolio management while maintaining a high quality and audit-proof sustainability performance reporting.

Increase brand value and prepare for international investors

We make it simple to comply with voluntary or mandatory reporting standards as part of your due diligence. Strengthen the positive perception of your portfolio with a strong commitment to sustainability and high-quality reporting.

Increase portfolio value

Easily identify opportunities to conserve resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Use our benchmarking tools to reveal underperforming buildings and access best practices to cut energy use in  buildings by up to 20%. 

Increase reporting accuracy and consistency

Increase data quality and validation with our pre-built workflows. Collect existing data from ERP and metering systems for increased consistency and more efficiency. 

SoFi Modules for Building Portfolio Management


Capture consumption data from any existing metering or ERP system or directly from any utility provider to enable rapid analysis, reporting, and planning. Quickly and easily assess the latest performance data and reduce time spent collecting, validating, and reporting data with our pre-built workflows. Click here for more information.


Automatically send professionally formatted reports to a broad range of stakeholder groups in regular intervals. Update you site managers on their CSR performance or communicate target achievement progress to your management without any manual work

Targets & Actions

Add powerful functionality to achieve tangible business benefits, such as reduced cost or improved performance and keep track of target achievement. Includes KPI analysis, benchmarking, planning and forecasting and ROI analysis.

HDD/CDD Plugin

Normalizing your weather-related energy consumption such as in buildings against CDD/ HDD and remove seasonal and geographical factors from your data to allow for more robust benchmarking.

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