EHS Management Software

EHS Management Software

Reduce Risks and Improve EHS Operations

Our software for EHS management helps you collect and analyze all relevant data in one place to efficiently reduce risks and improve EHS operations.

As EHS regulations worldwide are increasing and resources are declining efficient risk management and operations become even more urgent. 

SoFi Software for EHS Management enables you to establish a transparent EHS management or compliance, auditing, and reporting, which helps reduce risk of non-compliance and related financial consequences.

Automated data capture and fully transparent metrics and audit trails make it easier to profile risks and identify opportunities for improving efficiency. Validate all of your EHS data with automated data-quality checks and efficient pre-built workflows. SoFi Software for EHS Management easily integrate with your existing systems, saving time and costs.

EHS Management Software

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Benefits to Your Business

Better risk management

Anticipate and prevent costly incidents with our advanced tools for EHS performance management. Quickly identify and resolve operational risks thanks to automated notifications and triggers for corrective action.

Save time and increase productivity

Reduce the time spent on data collection and validation by up to 50% while maintaining high quality and audit-proof accuracy. Focus more on decreasing incident risks and meeting EHS standards.

Improve operational efficiency

Eliminate double-work and optimize your processes with AFR/ASR reporting templates and automated tracking for incidents. Identify underperforming sites with our benchmarking tools and help them improve by sharing best practices.

Protect your reputation and brand value

Strengthen the positive perception of your brand by making high-quality, transparent EHS information available more frequently to stakeholders. Enhance public awareness of your brand as leader in environmental health and safety.

SoFi Modules for EHS Management

Incident Tracking

Streamline recording of incidents and transparency across the organization through an intuitive web form for full case-by-case documentation. Follow up corrective actions can be triggered and tracked. 

Compliance and Control

Manage current and future permits and compliance standards for controlled substances. Understand compliance breaches as they occur and trigger corrective actions. Control data validation routines at the source of data entry by automatically identify data anomalies using configurable algorithms.

Audit Management

Make audit planning and management more efficiently collaborative. Use our extensive management system tools to track environmental KPIs, continual improvement and environmental programs for ISO 14001/ 50001 or EMAS systems.


Automatically send professionally formatted reports to a broad range of stakeholder groups in regular intervals. Update you site managers on their CSR performance or communicate target achievement progress to your management without any manual work.

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