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Supplier Engagement

Productively collaborate with your suppliers to ensure compliance and build capacity.

Supplier Engagement

Collecting, verifying, and analysing supplier sustainability data is complex and time-consuming.

Plus, the suppliers in your network may have varying degrees of sustainability knowledge and motivation to provide the information you need.

Our Supplier Engagement Software Suite makes it simple for suppliers to collaborate with you to meet the big goals on your sustainability agenda. You will quickly and easily gain the insights you need to improve products and processes throughout your value chain.

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Key Features

Supply chain analysis

Our applications help you analyze your supply chain and identify sustainability issues upstream of your business easily and efficiently. Use our supplier score cards to track social and environmental indicators over time and manage supplier performance. 

Engage suppliers to improve performance

Rate and rank supplier performance against regulatory requirements and your initiatives and  targets.  Share individual feedback reports and detailed performance analysis with your suppliers. Benchmark and compare suppliers to peers. Develop supplier training programs based on performance analysis and audits.

Benchmark and share best practices

Our benchmarking content tools help you identify underperforming suppliers as well as those who offer you the most productive partnership. Our Benchmark Library makes it easy for you to compare your suppliers against peers and industry standards. You can also encourage your suppliers to share best practices or access the 130,000 best practice projects in our Library to implement improvement strategies.

Top Applications

Supplier Scorecard Manager

Supplier sustainability assessment. Performance ranking, benchmarking and feedback reports for each supplier.

Audit Manager

Collaborative audit planning, scheduling and tracking of issue lists. Upload audit documents and create performance reports for suppliers.

Performance Manager

Sustainable Supply Chain Management. Includes KPI analysis, benchmarking, planning and forecasting and sustainability ROI analysis.

Benefits to Your Business

Save time and increase productivity

Speed up data collection and analysis while maintaining high quality and audit-proof accuracy. Focus more on strengthening supplier partnerships and efficiencies. 

Improve value chain efficiency

Eliminate double-work and optimize your processes with consistent, automated data collection from all sources. Use our advanced tools (including transparent metrics) to benchmark and track individual supplier performance over time.

Operational risk management

Anticipate and prevent costly incidents throughout your value chain with advanced tools for supplier performance management. Quickly identify and resolve risks thanks to automated notifications, triggers and workflows.

Regulatory Compliance

We help you ensure your suppliers and their products are  compliant with mandatory international regulations and your own code of conduct. We make it simple to flag issues of non-compliance and track issue lists for each point in your supply chain.

Protect your reputation and brand value

Our tools allow you to factor in suppliers’ environmental and social attributes (along with metrics like quality and price) so you can select suppliers who uphold your reputation for sustainability.

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