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Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Consulting

Define the Most Relevant SDGs to Your Company

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are part of an ambitious global plan to end poverty, protect the planet, promote prosperity and ensure peace for all. 

They are the result of international consensus that in order to truly change the future, business as usual won’t suffice.

The 17 goals were established following consultation with the private sector, governments, civil society and academia. Ban Ki-moon (8th Secretary General of the UN) called it the “most transparent and inclusive process in UN history”. All 193 countries of the UN adopted the SDGs in September 2015. It’s now up to each country to drive and report on progress toward the goals. Befitting their integral roles in society, businesses play a pivotal part in each country’s contribution.


That is why many companies have taken it upon themselves to set their own company targets in line with the SDGs and report on these.

This is when thinkstep comes into play

Our Sustainable Development Goals experts can help you to define which SDGs are important to your company and how you can include them in you sustainability strategy.

Furthermore SoFi Software offers the possibility to track and report on your efforts in an efficient way. By combining data already available in different source systems and collecting new information via a user friendly interface, SoFi´s BI capabilities will support you in making your contribution to the SDGs.

SDG Consulting - How We Can Support You

Our Sustainable Development Goals experts can help you to define which SDGs are important to your company and how you can include them in you sustainability strategy.

think SDGs

No two businesses are the same and the opportunity to contribute toward individual goals will vary across industries.

A solid understanding of what the SDGs mean in the context of your business is key to successful strategy integration. Our tailored think SDGs kick-off workshop gets you started by building knowledge and identifying the most relevant SDGs for your business. Consider inviting your clients and other stakeholders along for a collaborative approach in the spirit of Goal 17 - Partnerships.

Materiality SDGs

Materiality powered by the SDGs (Materiality SDGs) takes your materiality assessment to the next level. Mapping your material issues against the SDGs provides a reportable global context for your strategy. Our combined materiality SDG approach goes beyond the traditional materiality assessment that identifies and prioritises sustainability issues while building stakeholder engagement. Linking the SDGs to business strategy helps communicate where your company has the greatest positive impact on a regional, national or global level.

SDG tracking

Integrating sustainability information in reporting (Goal 12) enhances brand through increased transparency and disclosure.

Our sustainability reporting and management solution SoFi enables you to track and analyse all sustainability KPIs on site, regional or country levels. Identify potential improvement areas quickly using flexible dashboards.

Consolidating all sustainability data within one platform facilitates cost effective target setting and performance tracking.

SDG Reporting

Make the SDGs real and meaningful by reporting relevant KPIs to your stakeholders. We strategically link your existing KPIs and develop new indicators aligned with SDG targets to help you identify risks and opportunities for your business. Integrating SDG reporting with existing frameworks such as GRI or Integrated Reporting enables you to substantiate your success stories with facts and figures. Report real progress against the global goals instead of playing SDG Bingo.

Product strategy SDGs

Extend the scope of traditional LCA studies by identifying the link between your products and the SDGs. In addition to quantifying the environmental impacts of your products, we interpret the results through the lens of the SDGs and categorise them by SDG targets. The findings inform product strategy, including product development (SDGs 9 and 12) and communication. Calculating the Circularity Indicator for SDG12 is only one example.

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