Create verified product sustainability reports with product sustainability software from thinkstep.

Sustainability Product and Portfolio Reporting

We help you develop a resilient revenue stream with sustainability solutions that make it easier and faster to create verified product sustainability reports.

Quickly identify hotspots and create alternatives with less environmental and social impact while improving economic returns.

You can produce reports verified against a range of different schemes to prove superior product sustainability performance and gain a competitive edge.

GaBi Software features screening tools and calculators for different product categories to reduce cycle times and share information easily with stakeholders.

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Key Applications

Product Carbon Footprint

Fast and easy calculation of your products’ carbon footprint with an intuitive web interface. Import your Bill of Materials, map it to thinkstep sustainability data and see your products greenhouse gas emissions over its life cycle. 

Life Cycle Assessment

Go beyond carbon, and explore your products’ footprint in all environmental impact categories. Map your Bill of Materials against thinkstep sustainability data and get a full report including recommendations how you could reduce environmental impact.

Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

Document your Product's Environmental Strenghts and carry out your Environmental Product Declaration project with the support of GaBi Software.

Product Environmental Footprint (PEF)

Calculate and communicate your Product Environmental Footprint with GaBi Software. Benfit from an ILCD – compliant data format, documentation and flow nomenclature.

Benefits to Your Business

Meet market requirements

Create product reports and declarations to increase product appeal and sales. Our tools help you  credibly communicate product sustainability messages to your customers to help you maintain a competitive edge.

Reduce costs

Minimise the cost and effort required to identify product hotspots and improve performance. Our tools also help you cut the cost of reporting against certified schemes such as EPD/HPD and others.

Better risk management

Reduce the risk of negative impact from your products. Quickly identify risks in materials, substances, and processes throughout your value chain. Produce verified reports fast to initiate appropriate action across your product portfolio.

Build up your brand value

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainable design to attract and retain the best talent. Strengthen general public awareness of your brand as a leader in sustainable products and corporate social responsibility.

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