Environmental Product Design

Environmental Product Design

Design More Sustainable Products

Design more sustainable products and bring them to market faster with our sustainability solutions that help you benchmark materials and collaborate more efficiently.

Product designers today face a double dilemma: they often lack the resources to quickly evaluate the sustainability of their designs, yet they must carefully balance the demand for more sustainable products with the technical requirements of design and production.

Our solutions for sustainable product design and innovation, help you quickly find, share, and apply the data you need to speed up development of sustainable products. Integrate sustainability KPI's early in the development process. Evaluate product designs and materials efficiently while simplifying collaboration with stakeholders.

Next Generation Product Stewardship

Watch our webinar about Next Generation Product Stewardship!

Selected Solutions for Product Design and Innovation

GaBi Packaging Calculator

Identify the most sustainable design to meet the growing demand for more environmentally friendly packaging

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Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) Consulting

EDPs provide clear, uniform information along the entire supply chain and make it easier to design sustainable products considering their entire lifecycle.

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Product Compliance Software

Manage material data and substance compliance information and design innovative products with sustainability in mind.

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Benefits to Your Business

Meet customer demand and increase sales

Create more sustainable products to increase product appeal and sales. Our tools help you bring more sustainable products to new and existing markets faster, to help you maintain a competitive edge.

Increase efficiency and reduce costs

Minimise the cost and effort required to embed product sustainability into your design process. Spend less money and time on data collection and validation. Maximise ROI and scale up systems as needed.

Better risk management

Reduce the risk of negative impact from your products. We help you work more closely with suppliers earlier in the concept stage to improve sustainability in your designs and across your supply chain.

Build up your brand reputation

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainable design to attract and retain the best talent. Strengthen general public awareness of your brand as a leader in sustainable design and corporate social responsibility.

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