If you are wearing a pair of jeans right now they probably have your mobile phone in them. Did you know these have surprisingly comparable energy demand of about 70 kWh in production?   

Mobile phones often end up in landfills or incinerators, driven by contracts which give away replacement phones for free or very cheaply.

Jeans are often bought cheaply three pairs at a time. The low price reflects low quality and consequently a short use phase before being discarded.

Considering the 70 kWh in production of both, a different behavior may help. Consider buying far fewer pairs of higher quality jeans at a higher price (maybe even looking for “fair” production labels) keeping them much longer. The processing and finishing of textiles is energy intensive.

 As for your old mobile phone, consider selling it or giving it away for free to someone in need, rather than dumping it as  waste or leaving in a drawer at home. Ask the recipient to recycle when he or she has finished with it, to hunt for the valuable substances later. We are all responsible for making and encouraging sustainability to happen.