Sustainability emerges from trend to necessity.

Successful businesses

...have realized that driving economic performance and driving sustainability go along. We believe that a corporate sustainability strategy creates surplus and also a change of perspective: “Circular” instead of take-make-waste is the future leader’s business model.

Software & Consulting Services turns complexity into transparency.

With 20 years of market experience we know that environmental, social, and compliance matters are complex but controllable. What you are looking for is an overview. thinkstep sustainability software and consulting services enhance data quality, save processing time and improve reporting and decision-making.

Over 2,500 enterprise customers – including 40% of the Fortune 500 – have used thinkstep in over 3000 projects over the years to support their compliance, reporting and sustainability goals.


Welcome to a world of thoroughly accumulated data.

Our thinkstep solutions permit precise sustainability calculations across all parts of your supply chain – and it is constantly evolving. The core consists of the thinkstep Data Foundation plus the thinkstep Analytical Applications.


From producing product Life Cycle Assessments, to managing multiple disclosure requirements, our data will assist you to the next step in building your company’s sustainability strategy.


The more you know the better your decisions.

Many of our clients start their sustainability journey from the ground up like ThyssenKrupp that gained immediate competitive advantage when it came to stringent regional requirements.

Wherever you stand, our data and consulting services will accompany you to the next “thinkstep” in sustainability. Due to reliable data and knowledge gained, you can choose your next step with confidence. How can we partner with your efforts in sustainability?

The more you know the smarter your actions

Sustainability is a complex business challenge. Ideology or good intentions alone won’t solve it, instead, sound analysis and engaged action will. Confidence in our mission starts with true knowledge. This inspires us to expand our insights continuously because the more we know, the smarter our actions.

This belief is captured in our logo in a lively way. The bars turn into an expression of our ever evolving knowledge and creates the main and dominant element of our corporate design. That's why we called our logo “the ever-evolving knowledge”.

thinkstep. Succeed sustainably