Barbara Nebel

Managing Director Australia and New Zealand

Barbara's passion is to enable companies to succeed sustainably.

I help companies to use sustainability to increase revenue, reduce cost, enhance their brand and mitigate risks. 

For the best part of 20 years I have worked with companies, associations and government departments in New Zealand, Australia, Asia, and Europe and implement strategies and systems, effectively linking sustainability actions back to tangible business value. 

Key roles and activities:

  • CEO of thinkstep in New Zealand in Australia

  • President and founder of the Life Cycle Association New Zealand

  • Founder of Australasian EPD Programme

  • Member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors

  • Member of the Technical Advisory Group for LCA on Wool

  • Member of the Technical Advisory Group for the International and Australasian EPD Programmes

  • Convener of the carbon mirror committee for ISO standards for New Zealand

I am also a certified LCA practitioner and stay on top of current developments through my roles as a reviewer and associate editor for a number of journals, including the Journal of Industrial Ecology, the International Journal of LCA and New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science.