The Birth of the New Carbon Footprint Standard for Products - ISO 14067

July 5, 2018

Barbara Nebel from thinkstep Australasia and Sean Weaver from EKOS present for a 30 minute “Straight from the Horse’s Mouth” webinar.

ISO 14067

Carbon footprint messages are increasingly used as a competitive advantage in the market place. The standard clearly defines how the calculation needs to be done, how the system boundaries are chosen, including the use phase and end of life.  The standard makes reliable and comparable parameters available to organisations and consumers so that we can compare “apples with apples”

There is finally international agreement on how to calculate the carbon footprint of products. A few days ago 85% of the member states approved ISO FDIS 14067 (Greenhouse gases – Carbon footprint of products – Requirements and guidelines for quantification”). What does the new ISO standard mean for your company and your country? What are the critical details? How does is relate to other standards?

About our speakers:

Barbara Nebel is CEO of thinkstep Australasia. She was involved over years in the development of the ISO 14067 as the Chair of the New Zealand Reference Group for Carbon Foot Printing Standards. She will share first hand insight and key aspects of this new Carbon footprinting standard for products.

Sean Weaver is Executive Director of Ekos - a non-profit social enterprise specializing in environmental financing with a focus on carbon markets and market-based delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals. A consultant to the African Development Bank, World Bank, Pacific Island governments, central and local government in New Zealand.

Sean talks about the importance of the standard in relation to zero carbon products.

Webinar objectives include:

  • Overview and purpose of ISO 14067
  • ​Introduction to key aspects of the standard
  • What does it mean for your business
  • Understanding of the relevance of the standard for organizations, governments and stakeholders
  • How does ISO 14067 relate to other standards ad specifications

Who benefits?

  • Environmental Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Product Developers
  • Public Relations personnel
  • Sustainability Managers

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