Bridging the Climate Gap–An Assessment of Municipal Engagement Toward Global Climate Targets

June 5, 2019

This in-depth study reveals the barriers and opportunities facing cities in their efforts to become more environmentally sustainable. Many cities are failing to achieve progress toward their publicly announced sustainability targets. This study gives you insights into why that is the case and what successful cities are doing differently.

Bridging the Climate Gap–An assessment of municipal engagement toward global climate targets

Focusing on the municipal buildings sector, Bridging the Climate Gap evaluates whether current municipal climate actions sufficiently align with the 2°C target, set during the Paris Agreement, that we must attain to prevent the worst effects of global warming from taking hold. Using Science Based Targets as a compass, it assesses the critical success factors and barriers to the current climate paths cities take on their way to accomplishing global goals. Although the study focuses on municipal buildings, some of the insights derived from the study are relevant for other sectors of municipal sustainability, such as fleet management, public transportation, infrastructure, project investment, municipal incentives and other potential emissions reduction activities.   

Over a year in the works, this 15-city study includes interviews, surveys and other empirically derived facts that outline a clear path for understanding internal and external factors that affect municipal attempts to achieve their sustainability goals. It is our hope that the study will have a dramatic positive effect on city governments worldwide that are seeking answers for how to improve their plans and actions for mitigating climate change.    

The study is a joint effort between thinkstep AG and Drees & Sommer, written by Martin Blumberg, VP Sustainable Building & Construction at thinkstep AG and Gregor Grassl, Urban Planner & Architect at Drees & Sommer. 

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